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Company High Tech Alliance LTD

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Portfolio report

May 2017 portfolio review: 1. CRYP TRADE CAPITAL 450 USD 2. Biznet 616,79 USD 4. Millionaires in Sneakers 1015 USD! 5. Cashbery 2016 USD 6. Resonance-capital 650 USD 7. Atira 300 USD 8. AFС 1680,27 USD 9. Project Yard 100 USD 10 Soketshares 203 USD 11 Oil UAE 34 USD…

Biznet En

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Project is SCAM, don’t invest in! The SOCKETSHARES Company is a team of professional traders that has been present on the cryptocurrency market for more than 3 years. We profit off by purchasing or selling the most popular cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. It attracts the attention of all banking authorities in…