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We are representing our inner currency  Azov Coin (AZC) as bonuses and paying method.
Exchange rate is 1AZC = 0,5 USD.
Every Friday we are exchanging  Azov Coins for US Dollars via Perfect Money and Adv Cash.
Also you can win coins by participatong in our promos and fulfilling tasks.


Azov Coin (AZC) is used on all our resources.
It is spreading at the following resources:

- at “Azov Capital” online radio
- at RED-LINE TV video channels
Daily motion
Video. Mail.ru


- at social network VK
- at social network Facebook
- at social network Twitter
- at social network Instagram
- at Telegramm messenger
- at PodFM audio terminal
- at Podster audio terminal


Exchange rate 1AZC = 0,5 USD

You can easily earn with us:

- For 6 comments on Azov-Capital radio you can get 1 AZC
For instance: "Invest with Azov Capital team and all will be OK"

- For 6 comments on Youtube from "Azov Capital" or "RED-LINE TV" you can get 1 AZC
For instance: "Invest with Azov Capital team and watch RED-LINE TV" etc.

- For 10 reposts in social networks 1 AZC
- For 10 links reposts from audio terminals 1 AZC
- for advising our Telegram messenger for 2 members 1 AZC

Please confirm your participation by screens. Your identity is connected to your email. Every Azov Coin has individual number and fixing in our database.
Report day is Friday. You can exchange Azov Coins to USD and get paid via Perfect Money and Adv Cash payment systems.

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