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Опубликовано 03.11.2017

We're an ambitious team of highly skilled professionals. Our goal is promotion and popularization by any means to grow the Ethereum platform and community, a new generation of crypto-enthusiasts. We set up our trading company, iSeiko, to participate in exchange processes, attracting and managing investment assets, as well as making profits off of the volatility of Ethereum and increasing amount of users.

We use a variety of trading strategies allowing us to make consistent profits regardless of the economic situation. We margin trade during times of high volatility and make profits on both increases and decreases in price. All transactions are recorded and released to our investors for review. Our growing team of professional traders are the key to our success!


Company offers 9 investment plans:

Start 10 € 0.5% daily, 190% per year
Basic 45 € 3.8% daily, 201% per year
Lite 90 € 4.03% daily, 210% per year
Medium 270 € 4.42% daily, 230% per year
Large 810 € 4.96% daily, 258% per year
Trader 2430 € 5.5 % daily, 287% per year
Exclusive 7290 € 5.7 % daily, 301% per year
Pro 9720 € 6% daily, 312% per year
Infinity 14580 € 6% daily, 323% per year

Payment Systems: ADVCash, OKPay, Payeer, Bitcoin


Date: November, 17 2017


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