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Company High Tech Alliance LTD

Опубликовано 17.08.2017

Smart solutions from HT Alliance is a key to the success of our partners as well as the bedrock for new developments in the sphere of the best IT systems.

The work of High Tech Alliance is aimed at the devopment and promotion of high-tech software and equipment used in various business industries which operate online.

Once being set up, the software operates automatically on trading and gambling platforms substituting manned specialists by using pre-programmed multimillion combinations and complex calculation formulas to obtain the result. This allows for the profit increase without attracting new associates.

This software's application scope includes the following areas:

1. Online trading platforms, such as FX, Alpari and similar online resources.
2. International poker rooms (such as PokerKing, PokerStars etc.)
3.Online resources offering betting services (such as WilliamHill, FavBet etc.)

Also, a great deal of High Tech Alliance's profit consists of development and application of the following innovative technologies:

1. Various types of Bitcoin miners (industrial and individual)
2. Energy consumption reduction technologies of the already existing Bitcoin miners and farms;
3. Server cooling systems and special equipment for Bitcoin mining.

Offered investment plans:
1. «Amateur» From $20 to $199 0.70% daily within 30 days
2. «Amateur+» From $20 to $199 0.80% daily within 90 days
3. «Consultant» From $100 to $999 0.80% daily within180 days
4. «Manager» From $100 to $999 1.00 % daily within 180 days
5. «Professional» From $10000 to $39999 1.20 % daily within 180 days
6. «Best Solutions» From $40000 to $99999 1.30 % daily within 180 days
7. «VIP Offer» From $100000 to более 1.50 % daily within180 days




Minimal investment is 20 USD


Date: October, 20 2017

Invest here

Referral payment 5.5% from your deposit

If you deposited, please fulfill several steps:

1. Please email me helpdesk@azov-capital.info or telegram @Azovhorizon

2. Subject: "Project name";

3. Login / your ID in the project;

4. Deposit amount;

5. Investment date and time;

6. Investment plan;

7. Your payment details Perfect Money, Adv Cash


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