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Опубликовано 17.08.2017

We are pleased to present you a fully-featured investment service where you can both receive funds and issue them to the other platform users.

In our company, you can invest by issuing microloans to individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as the service users on security. The yield on investments can be up to 600% per annum. And many types of bonuses for the activity, the opportunity to trade the company’s shares may be a source of high income for you.

Company mission

To join investors and borrowers around the world in a single consortium to maximize internal interaction.
To make profitable investment as affordable as possible for all categories of citizens around the world.

- Bonuses for attracting investors
- The platform is responsible for all work with borrowers
- Working with individuals and legal entities
- Many tariff plans for the most demanding investors
- Investments are supported by formal contracts
- The most popular payment systems
- Investments are distributed to loans in real time 
- Multicurrency personal account
- Professional team

Minimal deposit is $17.45
Maximal deposit is $10 474

Investment plans:

Microloans to individuals - Tariff «Luxury»
Profit per month 16% / 24% 
Annual profit 192% / 292% 
Period profitability 220% / 320%
Term 400 days
Amount $17.45 - $523.68

Loans to small and medium business - Tariff «Prime»
Profit per month 19% / 27% 
Annual profit 228% / 329% 
Period profitability 260% / 360%
Term 400 days
Amount: $523.7 - $3 491.31

Financing on security of movable and immovable property - Tariff «President»
Profit per month 22% / 30% 
Annual profit 265% / 365% 
Period profitability 220% / 320%
Term 400 days
Amount: $3 491.33 - $10 474

We have invested 1008 USD into «Prime» tariff.


Date: November, 17 2017


You can invest here


Creator`s promo

Referral payment is up to 8 % from your deposit


If you deposited, please fulfill several steps:

1. Please email me helpdesk@azov-capital.info or telegram @Azovhorizon

2. Subject: "Project name";

3. Login / your ID in the project;

4. Deposit amount;

5. Investment date and time;

6. Investment plan;

7. Your payment details Perfect Money, Adv Cash


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