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Опубликовано 17.08.2017

AFC (Association Financial Culture) is a team of highly qualified specialists in the field of financial consulting with more than 20 years of experience.
AFC is an international company connecting highly qualified financial analysts and banking and fiscal audit specialists who work out and implement modern investment strategies, search promising partner companies, well invested branches and consultants specializing on promotion of financial services which can propose optimal solutions of any targeted issue to our customers.
All financial accounts are supported by official banks "Bank of Cyprus", "Loyal bank" and International financial system "Mastercard"

The best possibilities are waiting for you
Association Financial Culture offers to its customers a wide range of financial products intentionally selected by analysts and company managers. There are both modern and even innovative and classical time-proved investment products.

Company mission:

Liquid capital 20-25% per annum in US dollars (really more than in bank account)
Liquid capital with Dubai property 30-36% per annum in US dollars (really more than in bank account)
Investment capital 111% per annum in US dollars

All financial accounts are supported by official banks "Bank of Cyprus", "Loyal bank" and International financial system "Mastercard"

1. Liquid capital
LIFE financial account
- funds availability in 24/7 mode.In difference with bank deposit, any time
- supporting by International financial system "Mastercard"
- perfect profitability in US dollars, which covers inflation and brings you additional profit.
- 20-25% per annum in US dollars
- possibility to take a loan and get monthly interest for the lack of amount. Even you can`t pay for you loan, interest will cover your loan %. Account could be recovered within several years.
- Minimal invesstment is 550 USD

2. Liquid capital with Dubai property "Life-real estate"
- 30-36% per annum with Dubai real estate share purchasing according to programm "Life- real estate "
- Innovative investment decision, which defends your funds and generates stable additional profit from rent. This is convenient for of Dubai, UAE property crowdfunding, without any risk!
it permits investors to have rent profit, not buying the whole residential/commercial property.
This option will be acceptable by midterm investors.
It has low risks and covers the following:
- secure funds saving 
- online access to your account
- possibility to get double profit – from renting and from property price growing 
- available the following options: one time fee and increasing your share in the building step-by-step.

3. Investment capital

Popular financial account
- 1 year deposit 
- Profitability 111%
- Weekly payments 4%
- Minimal investment 200 USD
(funds could be taken from your own LIFE account). Your interest will be refunded to both accounts Life and Popular. Both accounts are interconnected.

Minimal start amount - 550 USD
(50 USD- account activation, 5% "Ajio" payment. "Ajio" payment is deducted from amounts divisible by 5000 USD)


Date: September, 01 2017

Register under our referral link and get bonus 2,5% from your "Ajio" payment :

Invest here

If you deposited, please fulfill several steps:

1. Please email me helpdesk@azov-capital.info or telegram @Azovhorizon

2. Subject: "Project name";

3. Login / your ID in the project;

4. Deposit amount;

5. Investment date and time;

6. Investment plan;

7. Your payment details Perfect Money, Adv Cash


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